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Requirements of Applicants for a School Bus Driver Permit (625 ILCS 5/6-106.1)

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The Regional Office of Education is responsible for conducting two school bus driver courses. The 8-hour initial training course in school bus safety and first is required for all NEW school bus drivers prior to getting a bus permit, as prescribed by the Illinois State Board of Education and administered by the ROE.   Experienced drivers are required to attend an annual 2-hour refresher training in the 12 month period prior to the driver renewing their school bus permit.

Initial Training:

To register for an initial training course, please contact Katie O'Dell by the Wednesday before the class at 217-348-0151 or kodell@roe11.org

Information needed for registration:

  • First Name, Middle Name, Last Name

  • Drivers License Number

  • Employer and Employer Contact

  • Email Address for Registration Confirmation

  • Employment Begin Date

When signing in the day of training, you will need to present your driverís license to the instructor.

There is a 5 person minimum and 20 person maximum for offered classes. All participants must have received a copy of the most recent Illinois School Bus Driver Training Curriculum.  

All initial training courses will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Regional Office of Education

730 7th Street

Charleston, IL  61920

Beginning fiscal year 2016 and each fiscal year thereafter, the school district/contractor will be billed a $10.00 attendance fee for each driver following their completion of the course.  A certificate of completion will also be mailed at the time of billing.

To view available initial training courses, please click here.

Refresher Training:


To schedule a refresher training for your employees, you must complete the Request for Refresher Course and return it to the ROE by October 1.  If two or more districts are combining, please have one district serve as the administrative agent.  If the refresher course is approved by Dr. Mattingly, the Regional Superintendent of Schools, it will be listed on the schedule as an available training.  The Regional Office, along with certified bus instructors as that NO MORE than 50 drivers be present in a refresher course.  The instructors cannot be expected to conduct an effective training session when classes are too large to control or allow them to use effective teaching tools. 


The Regional Office will not longer reimburse school districts for refresher course expenses.


The fee for the 2-hour refresher course beginning fiscal year 2016 and every fiscal year thereafter is  $10.00 per driver and each district/contractor will be billed by this office for this fee.  NOTE: Other regions may have a different collection procedure.  A Certification Page with the course completion date will also be included with the bill for the bus drivers' individual files. Please send payment to the Regional Office of Education, Attention: Katie O'Dell

* Special Note: Drivers outside of ROE#11 are expected to bring payment to the course.

      Amended Ruling, Effective April 2011:

If a driver took a refresher course last year on July 10, 2010, they need to fulfill this requirement by taking the class by July 9, 2011 or they can take it up to 60 days BEFORE July 9, 2011 and their annual date will not change.  If they take it 61 days before July 9, 2011 or 1 or more days after July 9, 2011, the date would change to that date.

      Completion of Course:

After completion of the refresher course, the district serving as administrative agent must submit the attendance sheet signed by the district superintendent/administrative agent/or transportation director along with the certified bus instructor to attest to the attendance of the individuals listed. The school district/contractor will be billed a $8.00 attendance fee for each driver following their completion of the refresher course.  A certificate of completion will also be mailed at the time of billing.

Anyone arriving later than 15 minutes after the speakers have begun will not be allowed to sign-in as the state requires at least TWO hours of instruction for a refresher course.

The ROE no longer has a list of drivers for your district/company; it is YOUR responsibility to make sure all of your drivers attend the refresher course.

To view available refresher courses, please click here.



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