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Gifted Education Seminar

Gifted Education Seminar

Endorsements may be added to an Illinois educator license when educators meet specific coursework and testing requirements. Two new endorsements relative to gifted education are described in Illinois Administrative Rule 25.100 (l): Gifted Education Teacher Endorsement and Gifted Education Specialist Endorsement.The Gifted Education Teacher endorsement may be used to provide instruction in a gifted education program, while the Gifted Education Specialist endorsement may be used to provide instruction to students and provide both technical assistance and professional development to other educators. Complete information can be found in the following document:

Instructions on Printing ISBE Certificates

GES Students go to:

Student enters their IEIN number and their first and last name. Click Print Certificate button. The certificate will show on the screen. Click the computer icon on the left in the bar. Click OK. Certificate will print.
Remember that the gifted coordinator must go into the database and register the date the GES was completed before the certificate will print.