Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Moultrie, & Shelby Counties

Provider Information

Professional Development Providers

The Regional Office of Education #11 has been made aware that the Illinois State Board of Education is unable to accept new provider applications until they are able to redesign their entire system. Districts and ROEs are already approved providers and you may be selected to provide such services through these entities if needed.

Until that time, the Regional Office of Education #11 will assist by providing guidance and forms that we are required to maintain for three to five years.

Notices of Professional Development—If you are interested in providing professional development and do not already have a Provider Number (you may check the ISBE Approved Provider List to make sure) you must contact the Regional Office Education that you are affiliated. For the Regional Office of Education #11 (Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Moultrie, or Shelby counties) please contact our office via email to either Amber Donnel at or Katie O’Dell at

Workshops, Conference, Symposia, and Similar Trainings

  1. Contact the Regional Office of Education #11 at least 30 days prior to the professional development activity date. By phone at 217-348-0151 or via email to either Amber Donnel at or Katie O’Dell at We will work with you during the process.
  2. Submit either an agenda, outline or plan for your professional development event. We will also need a copy of any handouts that you provided.
  3. Download/use our sign-in sheet for your activity or make sure that your sign-in sheet includes: professional development activity name/content, date of activity, location of event, attendee name, attendee school district, IEIN # or last 4 SS#, attendee signature. If you would like to use our form: PDF format or Word document
  4. Schools or districts that offer professional development should note that the evidence form is issued for conferences, workshops or similar trainings and not for “housekeeping” activities. The law allows one contact hour or Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDUs) for each hour of professional development, excluding breaks and lunch.There are 2 ISBE forms that are required upon the completion of the professional development activity.
    1. Evaluation for Workshops, Conference, Seminar, etc. (77-21A)
    2. Evidence of Completion for Workshops, Conference, Seminar, etc. (77-21B)
  5. If you are working with ROE#11, we will provide you with the Evaluation form as well as the Evidence of Completion form once we have received information listed in #2 above.
  1. After your professional development event, you will need to return the completed sign-in sheet and completed evaluation forms (one for each attendee).

We are required to maintain the workshop information for 5 years.

Guidance for Evidence of Completion for workshops, conferences, and similar trainings

  • Held in Illinois: ISBE Form 77-21B, Evidence of Completion
  • Held in Illinois but a national-level conference: program or agenda with sessions attended circled
  • Attended Out of State: program or agenda with sessions attended circled
  • Online: statement or certificate issued by the provider indicating the activity was completed and the average or expected amount of time required to complete the activity

Coursework: grade slips or transcripts

Induction and Mentoring programs: Certificates of completion issued by those offering approved programs. A template (optional) is available to providers by entering the provider system and calling up the Induction and Mentoring application submitted and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Providers have the option issuing their own certificates of completion.