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Bridges is the Regional Safe School. For more information, visit the Bridges website.

Local Service Agencies

Important Numbers of Local Service Agencies by County


AIM (Attendance Improvement Matters) is the name for ROE #11’s supplementary TAOEP services. The purpose of AIM is to provide direct services to students that will assist them in overcoming barriers that interfere with school attendance. Priority will be given to economically challenged students because their numbers are growing in ROE #11 and they tend to require additional services to help them overcome the barriers to school attendance caused by economic factors. The attendance specialists develop positive relationships with truant students and their families through home visits, school/classroom visits, incentive programs, mentoring, monitoring and any other activities that are relevant to the intervention process. Flexibility in the design of the service plan insures that individual needs are met.


Beacons is the name of the alternative (optional) education component of ROE #11 TAOEP services. Beacons is a self-contained classroom designed for chronic truants below the age of 17 years who wish to catch up to grade level or retrieve credits missed because of poor school attendance. Besides improving daily school attendance, another major outcome of both programs is getting or keeping students on track for high school graduation. Attendance improvement strategies are evidenced-based, flexible, sustainable, and coordinated with the classroom teacher, school district, and social service agencies.